Smile goes a long way

About the client

Smile is a dental clinic in Iasi, and one of the top ones, with two locations in prime areas of the city. They came to us convinced that their outdated identity and online presence wasn’t in line with the progress they had made and with their values and approach. It didn’t take much digging to find out that that was in fact true and we had a lot to work with. Two of the primary goals we wanted to achieve were successfully communicating their high technological standards and their caring for the pacient not only on the dentist’s chair, but also before and after they leave it.

An eye on the competition

Iasi is a scene for a lot of dental clinics, so we wanted to see how each of the top competitors presented themselves. We analysed their verbal and visual communication style and created moodboards for each. This gave us a clear view of the landscape and kept us on track to creating a brand that is very much differentiated.

Designing the visual identity

Visual system

Several directions were considered after gathering insights from client interviews, the market and the competition. We decided on a very minimalistic visual system, centered around a logo that depicts a encircled human form, with a hidden smile in the lower part, suggesting the care that they offer to their patients, beyond just the teeth. We wanted to avoid the generic marks that are often used by these brands. The logotype was custom created from a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters that work wonderfully together.

We then moved on to designing the stationery: business cards, letterheads, brochures, folders, insignia and promotional items.

Brand new website

User flows, IA and sitemap

A dedicated team started work on the UX/UI of the new website, after the visual system was defined. We created user flows, the information architecture and site map before as the first phase. We showed these to the client, retouched and refined until we reached the final versions. We needed to be sure that the website structure was very clear for us, as well as for the client, before moving on to wireframes.


Wireframing gave us a glimpse of how the content and pages are structured visually, without having our mind on colors, typefaces and specific design elements and interactions. We created wireframes for each page in three versions: desktop, tablet and mobile. Once these were clear for us and the client, we moved on to putting shiny skin on the beast.

UI design

Having the visual identity of the brand already set, we used the guidelines we created to give life to the wireframes. The new UI is aligned to the new brand: colour palette, typefaces, photography, shapes and icons. To make sure Smile is understood as a high-end clinic, we decided on focusing a lot on interactions and page transitions on the website.

Here’s a video of the page transitions we implemented. These raise the overall experience of the users and make it a memorable one. We also made sure that these didn’t affect the performance of the site and loading times. Take a look!

Responsive design

Given that about half of the visits come from mobile, we leave no project to chance in this regard. So naturally we made sure the website is responsive, displays and functions correctly on small screens. We created intuitive contact forms to give patients a chance to schedule appointments easily. Here are some of the mobile screens: