Lexigo makes it clear

About the client

Lexigo is a specialised translations office in Bucharest, Romania. Their promise is that the correctly translated word, as well the given word, are the responsibilities that define their business in front of their clients. We worked on redesigning their outdated and generic visual identity and building a new website in-line with the new direction.

Visual identity

Lexigo’s main goal for the new identity was for it to visually communicate their own way of being. A company that is young, hip, bold but professional and dependable. We designed a logotype that puts the human in the centre, with dynamic characters and an overall balanced feel. The translations line of work is not a sexy deal, but we did our best to make it look so. We chose the colour palette deliberately: a green that resembles the marker/highlighter tone so often used when working with printed texts.

Web design

Given the nature of the business, we needed typography to play an important role. We chose big, bold, modern lettering for the titles. Combined with the vibrant colour palette and clean layout of the pages, the new website is a statement to Lexigo’s tagline “makes it clear”.


Following our belief that design is the details, we always strive to experiment as much as we can with technologies, interactions and microinteractions, page transitions and so on. We think a memorable user experience is not only achieved by bare functionality and usability, but also with the help of the unexpected, the extra somethings that make it unique and pleasant. Here you can take a look at an example of transitions we experimented with.

Lexigo Language Boutique

One of the products launched together with the new website is Lexigo Language Boutique. Here, kids can learn new foreign languages and perfect the ones they know, in classes in which personal involvement form the teachers, together with the focus on conversation and learning with pleasure are key selling points. We created an alternate version of the original logo for this product, by changing the colour palette to a more kid friendly one.