Coffee and wine intertwine

One of our dearest branding projects was The Trumpets, so naturally the idea of working again with the same client for a different one got us excited.

What we were taking on was a new concept for the city, a dual-themed place for coffee and wine lovers. Right from our first meeting, we saw the opportunity of building the visual and verbal identity on  these two complementary elements.

After exploring several directions, we reached the big idea, a visual metaphor, further explained by the brand name: a “mythical” creature, half wolf and half rooster, a combination of nights and mornings through the temporal bond of coffee and wine with the two daily periods.

We then designed the interior and exterior signage, the menu, the packaging for the take-aways, then the online and offline marketing campaigns.

What resulted was a memorable and unique brand which hopes to deliver an unique experience to its customers.