Branding the second largest city in Romania

An open, flexible identity for all creators

We designed the logo as a flexible container to support the city tagline, which is “shape time”. Our goal was to focus more on the functional aspect of the identity rather than a cute symbol, which meant that we could keep the name of the city central to every visual. The logo can be stacked, expanded horizontally and vertically. We could also place photography inside the container to create key visuals for marketing campaigns.

Templates for every occasion

We created a bunch of visuals for many scenarios, all centered on the usage of the logo container. We also chose a free Google Fonts typeface that fits into the identity, because we needed it to be easily accessible to anyone and work on the web and with Google Docs, where we did some of the templates.

Function over form

We needed the logo to be easily produced in the physical world as, for example, urban furniture and art installations, in printed promotional items and touristic infrastructure. We also wanted it to stand on the ground by itself, without any additional props, that why we decided to go with the lower cutout of the letter Ș.

Signage and icons

We created a guideline system for city signage together with an icon grid derived from the logo construction, with a focus on typography, clarity and versatility. All of it with the purpose of unifying city communications in a place that suffers from that very much.


Given that Iași is a city where the IT industry is impressively growing, we wanted a visual identity that speaks to the digital medium, so we animated the logo for different applications.

We believe in branding for purpose

We modeled and rendered a lot of mockups to show just how versatile and functional the whole identity is. We then created an online brand manual with a resource center so that anyone can download assets and use the new design system.