We’re moving to digital product design

Over the past few years we had a lot of fun talking about branding, identity and design. We’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing human beings to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude for giving us the chance to create really cool projects. It’s now time for a new chapter of creating experiences.

Focusing on digital design

Almost every branding project we completed involved designing a website. We designed around WordPress and found it the easiest to understand tool for our clients and the kindest to designers like us. So much so that we built more and more complex flows and functionalities, learning as we went along. But the experiences themselves are what we love to design and get better at.

We’re going to focus on digital product design from now on, specifically mobile apps and websites. We’ve decided to take this leap of faith, into a territory we still haven’t fully explored, because it’s the only way we can do that. Focus is key, both in business and in life, so we’ll be pulling our hairs getting flows right, obsessing over that button padding and crafting interactions and transitions all day long. Moreover, we’ll successfully apply our branding experience to create designs with a human touch. That’s why you’ll keep hearing us talk about human experiences as opposed to user experiences. It’s something we’ll strive to design better and better in the following months.

In doing this, we’ll make sure to abide by 3 principles that we hold dear and believe make all the difference.

Learning by doing

There’s no real discovery here but it’s something we all struggle with from time to time: tight deadlines and comfort zones lead to doing the same things over and over again. To be honest, I personally grew a lot (technically) in the past year and it became evident is that if we don’t become better at what we’re good at, then we’re bound to become frustrated. So we’re going to embed learning into our work process, challenge ourselves by combining technology and design to create amazing experiences, learn new tools, new processes and new ways of doing things.

People above tools

Learning how to do things better is important but figuring out why is tricky business. You often get caught up in trying new tools and technologies. So much so that we forget that people, both clients and their customers are the ones who make our lives better. So we have to return the favour, right? Nothing that we do makes any sense if it doesn’t help someone. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to design, butting into our clients business, understanding their pains and getting close enough to their customers so we can figure out their behaviour. We are determined to see the humans behind the users.

Being vocal

Recently we’ve been silent and that’s about to change. Besides this blog we’re going to open up a section called Labs where we’re going to post and discuss ideas we have, prototypes, animations and design snippets we think are worth sharing. Moreover, we’re going to be more vocal in the local community as well as engage in (or start) projects for the community. So keep an eye out!

This year we’ve been lucky enough to get a chance to work on a few new projects for local IT companies and we’re really pleased how they turned out. We’ll have more to talk about in the coming days, plus a few internship opportunities for passionate people looking to learn front-end development. In the meantime, why not have a look at Simap, a mobile app design project we’re proud of.

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